Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 4- Harry Bhatt

This week we stared with play testing the game prototype. This was the first time we actually played our game. As of last week we divided up the work each member of the group had two or three things that they were assigned to do. When we started the class we started by setting up our board and following some of the rules that we had established before and decided that some changes were needed right from the start. Like the first thing we decide that had to be changed was to have more resource islands as all the players start from already occupying an island. Another suggestion that was made to this problem by professor Parks was that instead of claiming the island for one person we should just claim the paths leading to the island so more than more paths can help more than one player to get the resources of the island and once all the path are taken their will interaction between the player to trade cards and communicate with each other.

Another problem that we had was that we had too many moving pieces on the board. In the original prototype during our first try there were four moving parts on the board: the resources, the players symbol for claiming the island, the players character itself and also the player symbol for claiming the paths. Towards the end after a suggestion from professor we went down to two pieces: the players’ icon and the symbol to claim a path. Overall it was a progressive day and at the end we decided to meet again before the spring break to finalize some of the minor details and make the board. Also to decide the number of paths and cards which were necessary to be printed. It looks like overall we are moving in a good speed and in a well-directed path.

-Harry Bhatt

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