Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 1 - Hai Anh Nguyen

This week we got assigned new group members to create a new board game. I'm very excited to work with my new group members. They all seem to be very cooperative and easy to work with. The basic structure of the board game will be similar to that of Settlers of Catan. The theme will revolve around figures within Greek mythology. I picked this theme because it is very broad, which will enable us to create a complex and fun game. The numerous amount of figures of Greek mythology will leave room for a rich storyline. This way, it'll help the potential players to be more immerse into the game. The game will most likely resemble that of an adventure board game because the players are suppose to build up their characters and get the most victory points.

As of now, I only have the basic structure in mind. There are still alot of flaws within the game that our group will have to discuss and figure out together. If we are able to this successfully, I think this game will be great. Next class will be when we first discuss new ideas that can be incorporated into the game. I am excited to see what my new group members have to say regarding the game.

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