Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 2

In Wednesday’s class we started to discuss the mechanics of the board game. Initially, Hai Anh was telling the rest of the group her idea of the game and how she pictured the board to be set up. What she had imagined was having a board like Settlers of Catan and the players would have to build roads from one place in ancient Greece to another. But we all agreed that this made the game too much like Settlers and it wasn’t as creative since the ideas were borrowed from another game. We came up with questions that needed to be answered in order to make the game work. The questions were: What are the moving mechanics? How do we get materials? How do we envision our board? From there we all started throwing around ideas about how we could change up the game and the mechanics of the game. But every time someone came up with an idea we would always find something wrong with it. When we couldn’t think of any board ideas we found a map of ancient mythical Greece, and we based our board on that picture. There are islands and each person starts off on one island. Each person gets a mission card and you have to complete your card and travel to Olympus to win the game. Harry and I think Olympus should be in the center of the board but there are problems with it being in the center. Pinal said we should have to build bridges to different islands. In order to build a bridge, we used the idea from Ticket to ride; you have to collect cards of a certain symbol. Each symbol represents a God, and when you collect a certain amount of cards you “call upon a God” and they build a path for you to travel to the island. Now we have an idea for a board and we are slowly working on solidifying the mechanics.

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