Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 5 - Harry Bhatt

During the course of last week we have made some minor adjustments to our game outside the class in order for it to be ready for the in class testing. During the class session on Wednesday everyone was playing different groups games in order to see how the game works outside of the group members. When we started we quickly realized that people the play testers are struggling with what they have to do each turn or what they can do each turn. So we had to make them some reference cards, which tells the players how many things they can do each turn. Another problem that came up was the paths were too long for the players to actually build and complete their quest. As a solution to that we made all our paths smaller. Another problem that came with the paths was that the players were unable to identify which path is for what god and there were very few paths leading to the mount Olympus the center of the game. To solve this problem a suggestion was made by professor Parks that we should make more paths going from the island to the center of the game and also we should color code the paths with the color of the card that is related to the god.

After making this changes we again meet outside to play test the game and played with the new rules. The play test showed that the changes worked and the problem that the players were facing were solved. At the end we found out that the game works on a perfect mechanics but it just runs little bit too long, as our play test lasted about one hour and twenty minutes. For which we are still thinking about changing the number of resources a player gets to during each turn. Than we just decide keep it the same at this time and than change it later with if the timing continues to be too long.